After you have invested: housekeeping tips

maintaining your investments: have you ensured good house-keeping?


Watch this video to understand why regular updation of all folio details is essential for sound investment maintenance.

AUTHOR(S): Shreeja Thirani


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    1.Which of these is an example of good housekeeping and proper maintainence of investments?

  • Some investments are in maiden name, though investor has since married and changed her name
  • Bank account details are regularly updated and unused ones dropped from folio records
  • Investments carry old address where investor does not live any more
  • 2.When the KRA is notified about change of address then

  • Address is changed across all mutual funds
  • Address change is implemented in the city where the investor lives
  • Address is changed for most recently traded funds
  • 3.Change of signature may mean that investor cannot access investments signed many years ago. This can be rectified by

  • Notifying the record office
  • Sending a letter to fund office showing both old and new signatures
  • Getting a banker to attest new signature and then notifying the fund
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