Budget bol ii - expenses of the government

budget bol 2 - expenses of the government

Level - BASIC

This is part 2 of the Budget Bol series. This Moneykraft video takes us through the expenses of the government and also discusses the impact of subsidies and borrowings.

AUTHOR(S): Arti Bhargava


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    1.If subsidy bill goes up then ____

  • Government will have to borrow money to pay it
  • Government has more money for infrastructure
  • Government's Capital expenditure goes up
  • 2.Which of the following is a Capital Expenditure?

  • Salary paid to the government employees
  • Repayment of loan taken from the IMF
  • Pensions
  • 3.Identify the Revenue Expenditure

  • Loan given to the State Government
  • Construction of a school building
  • Subsidies
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