Budget bol iii - deficit and its funding

budget bol 3 - deficit and its funding

Level - BASIC

This is part 3 of the Budget Bol series. This Moneykraft video is about the deficit and whether it is good or bad. It also tells us how the government funds the deficit and what it does when the deficit number becomes large.

AUTHOR(S): Arti Bhargava


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    1.Which of the following statements is true

  • All deficit is bad
  • Deficit to fund infrastructure is bad
  • Deficit to fund routine expense is bad
  • 2.How does the government control deficit?

  • Rolls out subsidies
  • Tightens the expenses
  • Reduces taxes
  • 3.Deficit is

  • the money borrowed and spent on building infrastructure
  • the amount by which the income falls short of the expense
  • the amount of securities issued by the government
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