Do your investments have a nominee?

when investing, nomination is a must.

Level - BASIC

Many investors do not take the care to complete the nomination process for their investments. Your loved ones may suffer if you failed to nominate. Watch this investor education video by Moneykraft.

AUTHOR(S): Shreeja Thirani


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    1.Which of the following documents is not required if nomination is done?

  • death certificate
  • probate of will
  • identity proof of nominee
  • 2.Which of the following statements is true about nomination?

  • One can have more than one nominee
  • nomination can be made by the first holder of the investment
  • Nomination can be changed at any time
  • 3.A nominee can access the investment ______________.

  • during the life of the investor
  • during life and after death of the investor
  • only after death of the investor
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