How patience pays in an sip

systematic investment plans - are you willing to be patient?

Level - BASIC

Learn about how Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) benefit those investors who remain patiently invested in them through up and down market cycles. Watch this investor education video by Moneykraft.

AUTHOR(S): Uma Shashikant


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    1.A falling market is a good time to

  • Close down SIP
  • Accumulate more SIP units
  • Reduce SIP units
  • 2.SIPs can outperform fixed rate investments during

  • Rising markets
  • Falling interest rate cycles
  • High inflation periods
  • 3.In a falling market, a SIP allows investors to

  • Get same units as before for a given cost
  • Earn more returns for the same investment
  • Get more units for the same money
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Kailash Kulkarni 9 years ago

Simple and easy. great vdo and lovely illustrations

Madhu Raveendra 9 years ago

Gives a clarity on SIP.