What are debt funds?

understanding the working of debt funds

Level - BASIC

Learn about the concept of debt funds, and understand how different types of debt funds offer varying risk return profiles. Watch this investor education video by Moneykraft.

AUTHOR(S): Labdhi Mehta


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    1.Which of these debt funds is considered to be the least risky?

  • income fund
  • money market fund
  • gilt fund
  • 2.The return on a debt fund

  • depends on the prevailing fixed deposit rate
  • depends on its portfolio
  • is fixed by the government
  • 3.Given an investment horizon of 3 to 5 years, an appropriate debt fund choice would be

  • income fund
  • short term fund
  • money market fund
  • 4.Compared to an equity fund, the returns of a debt fund are

  • less volatile
  • receive better tax treatment
  • usually higher
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Taruna Changulani 9 years ago

Lot of changes in the budget. Please post updated video

Taruna Changulani 9 years ago

This is an effective video. Well done!