What are hybrid funds?

can you create a mix of debt and equity?

Level - BASIC

Hybrid funds are pre-mixed combos of debt and equity. Watch this investor education video by Moneykraft to learn more about various types of hybrid funds.

AUTHOR(S): Shreeja Thirani


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    1.Which of these statements is NOT true about a Monthly Income Plan (MIP)?

  • MIPs are riskier than pure debt
  • MIPs portfolios include some equity for growth
  • Returns on MIPs are always greater than debt
  • 2.In general, for a hybrid fund

  • Both risk and return are less than pure equity
  • Both risk and return are more than pure equity
  • Risk is less than pure equity but return is more
  • 3.Which of these investors is most suited to hybrid funds?

  • An aggressive investor, keen to grow his wealth
  • A retired couple, looking for regular safe income
  • A middle aged investor, seeking growth with moderate risk
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