What happens if a mutual fund application is incomplete?

default options for a mutual fund

Level - BASIC

If all the options in a mutual fund application form are not filled up, the default option will be chosen. This investor education video by Moneykraft shows some outcomes of common default options.

AUTHOR(S): Shreeja Thirani


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    1.What is the common default option for operating the account when husband and wife make a joint investment?

  • Joint holding and both signatures needed for operation
  • Either husband or wife can sign and operate
  • Only husband operates the account only
  • 2.The default option for investors in a mutual fund scheme is

  • Dividend option
  • Growth option
  • Can be dividend or growth,depends on the Scheme
  • 3.The default option for frequency of SIP payments is

  • Yearly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • 4.If an investor does not choose from the different options in an application form

  • The fund will choose for him based on his risk profile
  • The fund will choose a default option for him
  • His form may be rejected
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