What happens if there is no nomination?

transmission in mutual funds: what happens if there is no nomination?


Nomination establishes a right in favour of the nominee and facilitates transmission of mutual funds.Watch this video to learn about the importance of nomination and the consequences of not making one.

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    1.A mutual fund is held jointly by Mr. And Mrs. A. Mr. A dies. To whom will the investment pass on? They have made a nomination in favour of their son

  • Their son, being the nominee
  • Mrs. A being the joint holder
  • To the person named in Mr. A's will
  • 2.On death of an investor, the investments are passed on through the process of _____________.

  • Transmission
  • Transfer
  • Transposition
  • 3.Mr. Gonsalves has not registered nomination of his investments. On his death, Mrs. Gonsalves stakes her claim on his investments. So do his two sons. To whom will the investments pass?

  • Mutual fund will divide the investment proportionately amongst all claimants
  • Mutual fund will pass on investments to his wife
  • The claimants will have to submit appropriate documents to establish claim.
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