What is the meaning of an open ended mutual fund?

what is an open-ended mf?

Level - BASIC

Mutual funds are mostly open-ended. Learn in a minute what this means; the upside and the downside. Watch this investor education video by Moneykraft.

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    1.Which of the following statements is NOT true about redemption in open ended funds

  • cannot redeem partially
  • can redeem in terms of a specific amount
  • can redeem in terms of units
  • 2.At what price can one buy units of an open ended fund?

  • NAV based price
  • fixed price
  • at a discount
  • 3.What is a distinguishing charecteristic of an open ended fund?

  • High expense ratio
  • One can invest and redeem at any time
  • Investor gets guaranteed returns
  • 4.An exit load is usually charged on open ended funds to discourage _________________.

  • investments by individuals
  • small investments
  • early redemptions
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